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The UK's First Universal Robots Laser Welding Solution Launched by Olympus

Olympus Technologies, a Certified Systems Integrator (CSI) for Universal Robots, has just launched a Cobot Laser Welding solution.

Based on the integrator's proven MIG and TIG welding software from its existing welding solution, Olympus has developed a faster, high-quality laser welding solution designed to reduce part distortion and warping.

The solution offers space-saving and safety benefits. Manual laser welding must take place within a laser cabin, with the welder wearing full PPE to protect against the laser beam. Whilst robotic laser welding also requires a protective cabin, it is possible to reduce the footprint from the typical size of a manual laser welding cabin.

Robot laser welding also offers additional safety as the operator does not have to be present in the cell when the laser is emitted. Instead, the operator can place the parts for welding in a fixture or load them externally via a turntable. The welding process is started from outside the cabin, and the process will not start until the cabin door is securely interlocked.

Key benefits:

  • Minimised heat affected zone reduces part distortion and warping.

  • Increased safety for staff, no personnel required inside cell during laser emission.

  • Decreased post-weld processing costs, often completely removing your grinding process.

  • Increased weld speed, leading to increased productivity.

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