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Cobot Industries - Food and Beverage

With Covid-19 still proving a issue globally, there is no wonder that one of the biggest industries we have has been affected on a huge scale - the food and beverage industry.

A prominent challenge faced by the industry today is supply chain disruptions, causing a ripple effect throughout the whole chain due to employees having to isolate, falling ill etc. The upholding of food safety standards has also become much more prevalent among consumers.

Automation can help to overcome some of these issues through a huge variety of applications, including pick-and-place, quality checking, packaging and palletising. Cobots can also be used in lights-out operations, allowing processes to continue without humans needing to be present.

Click the link below to read Alex Owen-Hill from Robotiq's insights on what's new for the F&B industry in 2022.

Alex Owen-Hill, 07/01/2022, Robotiq Blog


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