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Easy Automation of Sanding Tasks

Sanding applications for collaborative robots normally require many inter-communicating hardware and software components. Integration is complex and time consuming, but there is now a quick and easy solution. The Robotiq Sanding Kit is an all-in-one sanding solution designed specifically to work with Universal Robots.

Not only is the Sanding Kit easy to integrate, it also reduces programming time from hours to minutes. Quality of finish and productivity are increased and risk of sanding injuries minimised. The new addition can be used to finish wood, plastics, metals, fibreglass, carbon fibre and also solid surfaces.

The Robotiq Sanding Kit can be fitted to any of the Universal Robots. These robot arms come in four sizes that are easily integrated into existing production environments. With six articulation points and a wide scope of flexibility, these collaborative robot arms are designed to mimic the range of motion of a human arm. All e-series models are compliant with CAT3 PLd, the standard that ensures products are safe for human/machine collaborative tasks.

So no matter the application, the combination of Universal Robots cobot arms and the Robotiq Sanding Kit can help to ensure a easy integration and programming, and a quality finish!

Credit to RARUK Automation Ltd.


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