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How Automation Can Help UK Manufacturing

Last week, MAKE UK released their 2022 Q4 Manufacturing Outlook and reported that British manufacturing is forecasted to contract in 2023.

With labour shortages and rising energy prices, among other factors, times are tough in the UK manufacturing industry.

There is a need for UK manufacturers to drive down unit costs whilst, at the same time, assuring high and consistent quality. Automation is the key ingredient here but despite recent growth in UK robot installations, our robot density still remains below the world average.*

Robots, both stand-alone and those that work collaboratively with humans, allow manufacturers to consider modular automation systems that grow with their business. The options are extensive.

There is a wide variety of automation systems on offer, such as: part-feeding systems, collaborative and industrial robots, cartesian-axis systems, autonomous mobile robots and automated storage solutions to name a few.

Robots certainly used to be costly and inflexible requiring specialist and time-consuming set-up, but the automation industry has evolved to offer flexible, innovative solutions with fast ROI.

There has never been a better time for UK manufacturers to invest.

*[Source: International Federation of Robotics]


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