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How Robotiq's New Multipick Feature and Powerpick Gripper Can Elevate Your Palletising Operations

Unlock higher payloads and increased throughput with Robotiq's newest palletising technology.

This week, Robotiq announced the release of their next-generation palletising gripper and palletising software feature. They are both designed to extend the range of applications that can benefit from a cobot palletising solution.

PowerPick is designed for robust tasks. The newest Robotiq end-effector is the only standard vacuum gripper capable of lifting 11.5 kg (25 lbs) cases on a UR10e. It offers more flexibility, with 46 different handling options.

Combined with multipick and the possibility to pick up two or more boxes at a time, the Robotiq Palletising Solution covers more use cases, offering new opportunities to meet client needs.

You can mount multiple PowerPick units onto the same cobot arm to increase throughput - up to four grippers! PowerPick is also highly reliable when exposed to less controlled conditions, such as humidity and dust. The multipick software feature also supports label orientation.

Setup is straightforward and assembling parts only requires an Allen key!

With PowerPick and multipick, Robotiq have responded to growing demand for end-of-line automation and can help businesses do even more with their palletising solution.


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