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Introducing Robotiq's AX Series Palletising Solutions: Elevating Automation with Unmatched Reach and Payload Capacities

In the fast-paced world of automated warehousing and manufacturing, efficiency and flexibility are paramount. Robotiq continues to lead the charge in revolutionising palletising solutions with the introduction of two new additions to their advanced AX Series range. Designed to offer greater reach and payload capacities than ever before, these solutions are setting new standards in the industry. Let's dive into the details of the latest additions to the AX Series: the AX20 and AX30.

The Power of the 7th Axis

The AX Series stands out thanks to its innovative use of a 7th axis as a linear transfer system. This additional axis extends the robot’s vertical reach, enabling fast cycle times and high reach—all while maintaining a compact footprint. This design enhancement allows for more versatile and efficient palletising operations, making the AX Series an ideal choice for various industrial applications.

Meet the AX20: Reach New Heights

The AX20 is specifically designed for the UR20 Universal Robots cobot. This model boasts the highest reach capacity, capable of extending up to 3000 mm. This extraordinary reach makes the AX20 perfect for tasks requiring tall pallet stacking, significantly increasing the vertical capacity of your palletising system.

  • Reach Capacity: Up to 3000 mm

  • Payload Capacity: 18 kg

  • Ideal For: Tall pallet stacking and applications with greater reach requirements, e.g. palletising on a wrapper/ pallet conveyor

  • Compatibility: PowerPick20 gripper

The AX20 is not just about height; it’s about precision and efficiency in every cycle, ensuring that your operations can scale new heights with ease.

Introducing the AX30: Heavy-Duty Performance

For applications demanding more robust capabilities, the AX30 is the answer. This heavy-duty palletising solution is designed for the recently launched UR30 cobot. With an impressive payload capacity of up to 27 kg, the AX30 opens up new possibilities for automated palletising, particularly for heavier loads. This model also supports multi-pick applications, enhancing throughput and operational efficiency.

  • Reach Capacity: 2750 mm

  • Payload Capacity: Up to 27 kg

  • Ideal For: Heavy loads and increased throughput

  • Compatibility: PowerPick30 gripper

The AX30 is engineered to handle the most demanding palletising tasks, ensuring reliability and performance in high-stakes environments.

Compact and Efficient

Both the AX20 and AX30 are designed to maximise performance without compromising on space. The compact footprint of these solutions ensures that they can be integrated seamlessly into existing operations, providing advanced capabilities without requiring extensive modifications to your workspace.


Robotiq's AX Series Palletising Solutions represent a significant leap forward in automation technology. With the AX20 and AX30, businesses can achieve greater reach and handle heavier payloads, all while maintaining efficiency and precision. Whether you need to stack tall pallets or manage heavy loads, the AX Series has a solution tailored to your needs.

Stay ahead of the curve and enhance your palletising operations with Robotiq’s innovative AX Series. Reach new heights and handle more weight with confidence—discover the future of palletising today.

Available in the UK from RARUK Automation.


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