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Introducing Robotiq's PE20: The New Palletising Solution for the UR20

Unlocking palletising automation for tasks with high payload requirements.

Ideal for heavier loads, the PE20 Palletising Solution from Robotiq offers higher payload and reach capacity. Joining the existing Robotiq range, comprised of the AX and PE Series palletising solutions for the UR10e model from Universal Robots, the PE20 is designed for the largest UR model to date - the UR20.

The stats:

  • The PE20 can reach pallet heights of 2.15 m (84 in) in a single set up.

  • The solution can lift loads up to 18 kg (40 lb).

  • Maximum throughput up to 13 cycles/ minute.

Robotiq's PowerPick gripper, designed for robust palletising tasks, allows you to manage a wide range of box sizes, shapes, weights and packaging material. Meanwhile, the Multipick feature enables the solution to pick more than one box at a time.

No matter your level of robotics knowledge, the PE20 solution is easy to operate. The intuitive interface and intelligent software make it easy and risk-free for anyone to program the robot confidently.

The PE20 Palletising Solution is available in the UK from Robotiq Expert Partner RARUK Automation.


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