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New product launch - PE Series Palletising Solution

More and more companies are dipping their toes into the pool of automation, and one of the key reasons for this is the desire to upskill their workforce, leaving repetitive, tedious and physically demanding tasks to the robotics that they install. Palletising is one of these repetitive and tedious tasks that can easily be automated, and can be integrated into the production line seamlessly.

Meet the new palletising solution from Robotiq - the PE series.

New Robotiq PE Series Palletising Solution with universal robots cobot arm in conveyor robotic application
New Robotiq PE Series Palletising Solution

This new solution can boost speed and efficiency in your palletising application. With all essential elements connected and integrated, there is no need for the user to design or program the connection between the robot control and hardware. The system’s small footprint allows it to fit easily into an existing floor plan.

New Robotiq PE Series Palletising Solution with universal robots cobot arm specifications

In three easy steps, programs are easily created within as little as five minutes. Enter the box orientation, dimensions and weight – minimum 50mm x 50mm x 50mm and up to 16kg* – then the pallet dimensions; the system is suitable for all ISO certified pallet sizes and loads up to 1500mm in height. Finally, set the pallet layout. An online configurator tool then simulates the application to check key performance indicators (KPI) and eliminate risk.

The materials handling co-pilot then does all the hard work, automatically generating and optimising all trajectories and cobot movements. This efficiency ensures a faster return on investment by comparison with other cobot solutions and also preserves the life of the cobot through seamless movement.

Read more about this innovative solution and the AX Series, Robotiq's first palletising solution, here...


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