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The First Ever Automation UK

Last week, BARA (British Automation & Robot Association) hosted its first ever Automation UK exhibition. On the 20th & 21st of June, manufacturers and distributers of all kinds of robotics and automation solutions gathered at the CBS Arena in Coventry to showcase and celebrate the latest technological innovations for UK manufacturing. The event was co-located with UKIVA's Machine Vision Conference.

The inaugural event brought visitors from all over Europe and provided an excellent networking platform for people from a range of industries interested in robotics.

The RARUK Automation team were showcasing two Universal Robots collaborative robot (cobot) application solutions, a Mobile Industrial Robots autonomous mobile robot and the ER-FLEX mobile cobot.

Universal Robots 6-axis cobot arms are known for their flexibility and their ability to safely operate alongside humans. As the only UK Platinum Partner of Universal Robots, RARUK Automation offer a range of plug-and-play robotic end-effectors that enable cobots to be adapted to a variety of tasks.

At Automation UK, RARUK Automation exhibited Robotiq’s Screwdriving Solution. The off-the-shelf solution can transform a cobot into an efficient screwdriving cell. The solution utilises vacuum technology, so it is suitable for use with various screw head types made of both magnetic and non-magnetic materials.

Also on stand A20, was a robotic polishing demonstration. Cobots can be used to automate both sanding and polishing tasks when fitted with a Mirka end-effector. The solution can be customised to suit specific application needs and is suitable for use on a variety of surfaces.

Completing the UR+ product range on show and complimenting the polishing kit was the Vention modular robot stand. Vention offer a range of modular robot stands, application kits and accessories that will help improve the speed and simplicity of cobot deployment.

As part of the AMR display, a MiR250 was be fitted with a ROEQ top module. Robotic equipment from ROEQ is designed to extend the capabilities of AMRs, allowing mobile robots to transport carts and pallets and transfer loads to conveyor stations. RARUK Automation have recently been named a ROEQ Top Partner, as well as a MiR Excellent Partner.

The ER-FLEX from Enabled Robotics combines technology from Mobile Industrial Robots and Universal Robots, creating a mobile robot with the flexibility of a 6-axis cobot arm. At the show, the ER-FLEX was loading and unloading a mock CNC machine.

Visitors to the show were also be able to see a comprehensive and cost-effective feeding system on Shibaura Machine’s stand A37, where their THL700 SCARA robot was paired with RARUK Automation's FlexiBowl® .

Another RARUK Automation partner at the show was Extend Robotics, who were showing their Human-Robot Interface software.

Next year?

Automation UK will be back at the CBS Arena next June! On the 18th and 19th of June 2024, the event will be back for its second year, once again co-located with Machine Vision Conference. We are excited to see what Automation UK has in store next time!


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